A Comfort & Safety In Anesthetic Process

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♦ Features

  1. I.M.V. Mode – Enhance
    VentStar capable of the synchronized delivery in accordance with the timing of spontaneous respiration under SIMV mode.
  1. The Completely Multiple Functions
    VentStar comprises with the completely safe functions that are easily adjustable through the panel.
  1. Able to connect with a wide range of Anesthesia Delivery System for application
  2. Build-in Battery For Power Failure
  3. Add ECO Function that saves more than 70% of Oxygen consumption.

♦ Specification


Ventilation ControlV.C.V. = Volume-Controlled Ventilation
Ventilation ModeS.I.M.V. = Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
Respiratory Rate2~40 BPM
Inspiratory Time0.3 ~ 3.0 seconds
Tidal Volume100%:20~2400ml
Maximum Flow Rate100%:4~45L/min
Trigger Level-9~+19hPa


Airway Pressure Lower, Airway Pressure Upper ,
Supply Gas Pressure, Apnea Alarm, AC Power Failure
Alarm , Battery Lower Alarm, AC Power-OFF,

【Safety Measure】

Internal Battery, I:E Reverse Setting, Safety Valve


【Dimension / Weight】

Driving SourceMedical Oxygen or Compressed air
Power Supply Alternator: AC100V-220V
Direct: Internal Battery 12V,
Dimension 325(W)×100(H)×245(D)mm
Weight Within 4.0 kg


♦ Optionals