SOARMED Mode 1E Monopolar & Bipolar

Veterinary High Frequency Electrosurgical Units

With the intelligent microprocessor controlled ESUs, applied to minor and medium surgery.



♦ Features

  • Mode 1E Monopolar & Bipolar is an intelligent, microprocessor controlled electrosurgical unit, applied to minor and medium surgery.
  • It characterizes with reliable operation, safe s, and patient’s safety. The unit has 100W maximal output power, allowing the surgeon to obtain a large spectrum of different tissue effects.
  • The extensive application for laparoscope surgery, reaction of polyp
    with Biopsy vessel sealing forceps ( option ), Free-shaving neutral electrode( option ).電刀+大血管夾+免剃毛

♦ Operation Mode

Each of these modes has independent power setting, shown by digital LED indications – one 3-digits indicator per each group. A digital memory stores the last power settings. The unit can be activated by two-button finger-switched handle or by twin footswitch. Overheating (OH) and Power failure (PF) sensors as well as Neutral Electrode Monitoring System (NEMSY) increase the patient’s safety. A status monitor on the front panel indicates if some of the controlled parameters are out of the norm. If this happen, the control circuit immediately switches off the output power and generates a sound alarm.

5+1 Operation Mode
Pure Cut
Blended Cut
Contact Coag
Spray Coag
Bipolar Coag

♦ Standard Accessories of SOARMED Electrosurgical Units



♦ Specification

1E Technical CharacteristicsMaximal output power Crest Factor
Macro ModeMicro Mode
Pure Cut100W / 500 Ω-1.5
Blended Cut100W / 500 Ω-2.1
Contact Coag100W / 300 Ω-3.0
Spray Coag100W / 500 Ω-7.0
Bipolar Coag80W / 100 Ω35W / 100 Ω1.0
Working frequency [KHz]500 KHz
Modulating frequency [KHz]33 KHz
Patient safetyNEMSY
( Neutral Electrode Safety System )
ActivationTwin footswitch and finger-switched handle
Dimensions(W×D×H)in mm255 (W) x 215 (D) x 85 (H) mm
Weight [kg]5 kg