Breakthrough Design for animal from 0.1 ~ 70 kg

Just one touch, the control knob has everything under control.


♦ Easy operation

User just inputs the weight of patient, the system will complete

the corresponding parameters automatically and then it’s ready for working!

( Users may adjust actively according to their own experience as well. )

♦ Reliable

  1. The Self-Inspection System : Ensuring good working condition when power-on.
  2. The Alarming System: Automatically detects abnormalities and timely alarms during surgery.

♦ Features

  • User-Friendly – Equipped with the control knob for operation.
  • Visual Comfort – Big 5.7” LCD display, all parameters are easy to see!
  • Fast Workflow – With easy adjustment in patient’s weight to get started!
  • Useful Functions for more safe and clinical applications.
  • Fill/Hold Mode : Inflate lung with a full of air for a while
  • Manual Mode : Initiate spontaneously respiration & fast recovery.
  • Mask Mode : To Supply a continual output of air for animals in special conditions instead of intubation.

♦ Accessory

♦ Specification

SV-3000 Specification 
5.7”LCD Display shows Tidal Volume, Minute Volume, Inspiratory Time, Patient Weight and Running Time…etc
Flow0.2 ~ 60LPM
Breathes/per Minute1 to 95bpm
P.I.P.5.0 to 35cm H2O
P.E.E.P.0.0 to 9.0cm H2O
Assist-0.3 to –6.0cm H2O
Oxygen Pressure50psi
Oxygen ConnectorDISS female
Vaporizer Connector23 mm tapered port
Build-In Storage Battery for Power Failure
Operating Temp.15°C to 32°C
Storage Temp.0°C to 48°C
Size134 H x 330 W x 325 D (mm)