X-Ray RV-100

Elegant, Compact Design

RV-100 – An outstanding X-Ray System that adopted High-Frequency technique was completely designed for veterinary examination

RV-100產品照 - eng♦ Spotlight

♦ Feature

  1. Save Energy : Input Power Source, AC100 ~ 240V , 0.4KVA , the specially individual capacity of power is unnecessary
  2. Valuable : As its prime quality, users may take a great X-ray image with stability, effeciency and a quick time of exposure for diagnosis.
  3. User-Friendly : Set up the photographing conditions on the illustrated panel directly, just press the simple keys in accordance with the state of animal.
  4. Clean : Easy to get rid off stain, hair and dust from the table because it is a very neat surface.
  5. Integral and Original : A high integrity of X-Ray machine made in Japan with High-Frequency Inverter instead of Large Controller, High Capacity of Power Transformer…etc, which saves more space and decreases the risk of cable exposure and damage without any doubt.


♦ Specification

RV-100 Specification  
Radiographic ratingTube Voltage (kV)40 ~ 100kV ( 2kV /step )
Tube Current-Time ( mAs )0.3 ~ 8.0 mAs ( 26%/step )
Time For Exposure0.01 ~ 0.2 sec (minimum resolution 0.01 sec)
Nominal Supply VoltageSingle-Phase ACAC 100V/110V/120V/200V/220V/240V
Grounding ConditionConstruction Of Type D
X-Ray GeneratorRotational Head30°Degree For Right & Left side
Type Of TubeToshiba. D-125, Nominal Focus : 1.2 mm
Total Filtration2.5 mmAl
Overload RelayHardware ProtectionAutomatic Detection Of Overlaod in Tube Voltage and Tube Current
Automatic Detection Of Circuit With High-Voltage Drive
Software ProtectionAutomatic Detection Of Overheating In Tube
Monitor System For KV, mAs
CollimatorX-Ray CoverageSID 100 cm, 0 x 0 ~ 35 x 43 cm
StructureCompact DesignGenerator, Holder, Controller System
Radiographic Table
SOARMED RT-135Measure Of Area1350 x 600 mm
Hight810 mm ( From Floor To Table )
TrayDrawable Tray
Moveable Distance Of Tray600 mm
CassetteSize : 14” x 17” ~ 8” x 10”
RT-105 ( Option )Measure Of Area1050 x 600 mm
Made In JapanHight810 mm ( From Floor To Table )
TrayDrawable Tray
Moveable Distance Of Tray200 mm For Right & Left With electromagnetic Lock
CassetteMax Size :14” x 14” ~ Minimum : 8” x 10”
OperationHand SwitchTwo-Step
Foot SwitchTwo-Step