Endoscopic Instruments

Endoscopic Instruments

Beginning and considering from veterinarian’s prospective based on different requirement, we are committed to providing the ideal instrument suits your needs the most.

♦ Basket

Apply for removing round, slippery foreign body in the stomach or bowel.

Item No.DiameterLength

♦ Polypectomy snare

Apply for lesion cutting with a powered-up snare, it is also used for non-slippery foreign body grasping.

Item No.DiameterLength

♦  3 / 5 prongs loop

Apply for grasping polyp, diseased tissue, lump foreign body.

Item No.DiameterLength
FG-S-18-3R1800 ( 3-prongs )φ1.8mm1800mm
FG-S-24-5R2300 ( 5-prongs )φ2.4mm2300mm

♦ Biopsy

Apply for biopsy specimen analysis in digestive and respiratory tracts.

Item No.DiameterLengthRemark
FB-C-2 1818Cφ1.8mm1800mmPE Coating,
w/o spike
FB-A-1 2318φ2.4mm1800mmw/o spike
FB-A-1 2323φ2.3mm2300mmw/o spike
FB-B-1 2318Sφ2.3mm1800mmwith spike
FB-B-1 2323Sφ2.3mm2300mmwith spike

♦ Rigid Endoscope

AK-18 UR-42 : Apply for genitourinary tract and ENT diagnosis and treatment

Example combination 1
AK-18+光學鉗_Rigid Endoscope


Example combination 2
IMG_1520_Rigid Endoscope


Example combination 3
IMG_1402_Rigid Endoscope

AK-33/43/57 : Apply for foreign body removing and other treatment or diagnosis in esophagus and trachea.
AK-43 NEW_Rigid Endoscope