Endoscope HUGER

Capable Of Connecting With Flexible Endoscope & Rigid One

Enjoy the benefit that comes from its functional extension for more applications without purchase of another Endoscopic machine in the future.



♦ Spotlight


♦ Camera lens of Sony



♦ Features

  1. C-Mount design that’s capable of connecting with the variously flexible endoscope & rigid one. Take everything on one machine.
  2. Its extendibility allow users buy the different apparatuses according to their demand for the further surgery without restriction on machine. 
  3. LED lamp is equipped inside of the machine for the light source instead of being set in the top of endoscope, which avoid overheating.
  4. Video & Photo modes for choice, and save in SD card.
  5. It adopts the lens of Sony with 44M resolution, furthermore, it automatically optimizes images, provides adjustment of balance, sharpness…etc for users.
  6. Medical Applications : Foreign Body, Sampling and analysis of gastro-intestinal tract, Jejunostomy tube , Resection of thoracic tumor…etc.

♦ Specification

OutputMulti- Image System, Y/C *1
Light Source10W LED Lamp
Lifespan Of Lamp35000 hours
Color Temperature6000K
PumpAir - Silent
FunctionAuto - White Balance, Optimization, Enhancement, Color, Brightness, Extendibility to the various of endoscopes
【Flexible endoscope】
Distal Rigid Diameter8.0mm
Insertion Tube Diameter8.0mm
Field Of View120°
Depth Of View3-100mm
Working Channel2.2mm
Tip DeflectionUp / Down : 210° / 90°
Left / Right : 100°
Working Length1500 mm