With High Integrity Of Fabrication、Durability & Reliability

The Ingenuity You Deserve – TASUKE

Tasuke Air

♦ Features

  1. Made of the durable stainless steel with special coating to the spotless prevent chemical stain and corrosion, and keeps shining for a long time.
  2. Save space by its simple design for structures, especially Cage-mount way to connect with every Vaporizer
  3. Value its reliability with the accurate performance and the durable lifespan.

♦ Specification

TASUKE Specification 
Supply GasMedical Oxygen Gas・Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide )
Rated Supply Pressure
Dimension315W×225D×400H mm
Weight9.5 kg ( without Vaporizer)
FlowmeterOxygen 0.1 ~ 8 L/min
Laughing Gas 0.5 ~ 8 L/min
Oxygen Flash ValveFlow Rate 35 ~ 70 L/min
Carbon Dioxide Absorber1000mL
Accessory Disposable Anesthesia Circuit & Bag x 1, Activated Carbon Absorption Filters x 1

♦ Optionals